Induction training CD Rom aimed at volunteers helping on a Drug Rehabilitation programme.

Delivering training can be a costly and time consuming exercise – and students in a classroom situation can learn at different speeds, therefore what needs to be learnt is not always taken on board as well as it needs to be. This product overcomes all of these problems;

By putting all the course material down both on video and in text, there is no need for a trainer to physically come and “lecture” the same material time and again – the disc can be given to the student, who can progress through the course at his or her own pace.

By having a test at the end of the disc, the important learning points from the course can be reinforced, and a “built in” metric for testing and recording the result of the learning is automatically generated.

As well as having all these benefits for induction and product training, this sort of learning resource can be invaluable on compliance issues such as Health and Safety and Financial Compliance issues.

People wanting to see how this product works will include;

Anyone responsible for Induction programmes.

Training providers wishing to partly productise their offerings.

Those wishing to turn their training materials into latent revenue streams.

Organizations and individuals who are subject to compliance legislation.

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