If you want to create a dynamic, community based online project (which may well have a strong synergistic relationship with “real life” social and economic activities) then this is the project you should be looking towards for inspiration.

The aim of this project was to gather anecdotes digitally – it revolved around cricketing tales, so already there will be those of you with just a vague awareness of cricketing terminologies who will understand the clever title to the project….!

By using a clever mixture of leading and educating, discrete communities were taught how to create their own content digitally, using easy to access video, audio and text techniques.

The aim of the projects was to become self sufficient in terms of refreshing the content, with just a very light editorial touch required to keep things in order. An ideal blueprint for any sort of activity involving an active community – or even for a “community” which needs to stimulate ”Involvement” to become “active”.

A very “futuristic” project – but our experience proves that it can be done – are you brave enough to think about doing something like this?

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