Book publishing, e book publishing, e commerce website, commercialization of Intellectual Property rights and re-branding.

Probably the most comprehensive “futuristic” set of projects we’ve undertaken so far…. We were approached by Remodel, a business modeling consultancy, to help them ”productise” some of their key IP assets.

First up was a book they wanted to publish. We turned this into both an “e book” downloadable from the e commerce website we created for them, and a more traditional “paper” based publication. Lots of point of sale (online and offline) materials were also designed and delivered as part of this process.

Work is now underway to take many of the training and consultancy modules delivered over the years and turn them into “productized” e commerce units, which again can be bought and downloaded online, or bought in more traditional paper or disc based units.

A comprehensive re-branding exercise is also being undertaken, to reflect both the online and offline delivery methods now being practiced by the organization.

This will be of particular interest to you if;

You are interested in creating latent revenue streams.

There is IPR within your organization that can be productised.

E Commerce is something you want to fully embrace.

You are keen to re-brand your organisation, particularly to reflect a vibrant online presence.

There are training and consultancy materials which you would like to distribute to a wider audience.

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