Not your ordinary “create an e learning project” brief…

This was made for young people with extremely low literacy levels – and was designed as part of the process of getting them onto the housing ladder.

The product needed to teach them a lot of very relatively dry information – what options were open to them, where to go and get help, what documentation they needed to find and how to fill in various forms. It needed to be a comprehensive “to do” list for getting a house – whilst also teaching the user how to do it – when that user was barely literate.

Good challenge? You may want to go away for a few minutes and think how you might have approached this before reading further!

People of all ages love word games – Hangman, Wordsearches, Crosswords, “Fill the blank” and so on. So what we did was to put the various learning objectives into the context of word games, and the idea was to complete all the challenges – just like a puzzle book really. Except at the end of this interactive puzzle book, the participant had gained vital knowledge, skills and practical outputs towards getting accommodation.

A great product which could be applied to a lot of different learning challenges.

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