CC4's first major client. Way back in the very early days of streaming video, we spent all our time looking at ways of delivering a rich media experience via a modem connection. The people at Real Media had worked with us at the BBC, and at the time we considered that Real had the best technology for video delivery across low bandwidths. This is where SMIL comes in. SMIL (Simultaneous Multimedia Integration Language) is a programming language which allows you to delivery synchronised text and images alongside video using up miniscule amounts of bandwidth. It's a complicated programming process which requires particular skills. CC4 developed their use of SMIL to such an extent that Real Media pronounced us as one of the top three exponents of SMIL in Northern Europe.

The Research Unit at the NHS Centre of Health Leadership had seen CC4Web's SMIL presentations and were keen to develop a learning product across the NHS network. This early work led into a productive partnership which produced a number of CD-ROMs, including the flagship induction CD-ROM which has informed much of our later work with its use of video, text, and graphics to induce new staff into the NHS in Wales.

This was done bilingually, using video with voice-overs where the subjects of the video weren't able to deliver in Welsh and English. The whole disc, which includes over 2000 (?) documents and links is also available in either language. This is an excellent example of a comprehensive Induction package, which has many applications for most businesses, particularly for those operating in more than one language.

Those charged with delivering training across many different geographic locations, and who want to show immediate, exponential budget savings, may well be interested to know more about this set of products....

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