If you’ve got a brand of consumer products that you want to take to market, there are 1001 ways you can try to do this – but beware the underlying message in the classic, clichéd expression “Half of my advertising works, my problem is that I don’t know which half…” – but you can spend a fortune finding this out.

What if you built an online community by getting experts and celebrities to blog their opinions, created some webisodes featuring your products being highlighted in useful, practical ways (whilst also entertaining your growing audience with another cliffhanger of a story relevant to them) and created opportunities for your community to seek help, opinions and buy and sell stuff from one another?

You could create your own, online, interactive TV Channel and sell products, initially, direct to your audiences. Then just wait until the large retail chains begged you to allow them to stock your established brand.

It can be done – incredibly cost effectively. And this pilot project provides a proven template.

It’s almost magic – which is why there is no “Penn and Teller” moment here. Though we do know some good Tommy Cooper jokes we can share with you….

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