Kate Roberts is one of the greatest authors ever to write in the Welsh language and the north wales community where she grew up was successful in a bid to renovate the smallholding where she spent her childhood.

The result of the successful Lottery bid can now be seen at Cae’r Gors, the Kate Roberts Heritage Centre in Rhosgadfan, Gwynedd, north wales.

The smallholding now hosts a visitors centre and exhibition with all multimedia elements supplied by CC4.

CC4 was able to work closely with the Kate Roberts Trust to provide a fantastic interactive experience for the wide variety of visitors to the centre.

On arrival, visitors are shown a 15 minute documentary produced exclusively by CC4. Combining archive footage with still images and brand new docu-drama style clips, the video has proved extremely popular. CC4’s specialist hardware solution allows audio soundtracks to be broadcast via headsets in a variety of languages simultaneously.

Visitors then enter the old stable block where an exhibition has been created. Our cutting edge image display software called allows the curator to upload images dynamically to displays which run slide shows throughout the day.

The most popular part of the exhibition has been the 12 Kiosk games that we created here at CC4 to engage users, young and old, in learning about the history of the area, and about Kate Roberts herself. CC4 also provided the touch screen kiosks which are used in the Centre.

Finally visitors can tour the small cottage which was home for the famous author. Here CC4 provided the atmospheric sound effects which help recreate an authentic experience. Discreetly placed “sound bombs” play digital files on a loop.

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