A complete online university - featuring video, interactive tuition, student workbook areas.

More than any, this was the project which led us away from being CC4Web, into CC4.

The IMDA website was ambitious, experimental and ahead of its time. This was the first of many co-operative projects which we produced working alongside the cream of Cardiff's design and programming houses. Firstly, the website was designed for widescreen monitors (in 2001, some time before they were generally available). The website was also text-free, with all of its content delivered via video (again, this was 2001, when everybody was accessing the web via a 56k modem). And at the heart of the site was an avatar-based forum which allowed the IMDA's members to adopt an avatar identity and discuss business management issues whilst they virtually strolled around a virtual island with a virtually columned library at its epicentre. It was virtually unachievable in those distant days of the web to attract enough of a sophisticated and technically broadband-equipped clientele to make it work.

Eventually, the IMDA retreated from its lofty ambitions and settled into a more conventional webskin, whilst CC4 produced and published the video material via CD-ROM, and DVD. However, with broadband now ubiquitous, maybe the time is ripe ...?

This will be appreciated by real visionaries only......

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