CC4 were commissioned for the third year running to produce the CD Rom of this prestigious international AGM - but this time they produced the disc "in situ" at the IATA AGM in Paris.

This meant that by the time the delegates left the meeting, they were presented with a comprehensive record of the three day event, turned round in the time that the conference took place. Sounds like magic ? Well.... look what happened to Penn and Teller when they gave away the secret - our lips are sealed !

However, this is something that we do with partners on quite a regular basis around events – with a little bit of planning and know how, this can be a really effective communication tool, turning “leads” into sales, and building robust, live customer databases.

A great way to ensure that the impact of an event is captured with immediate effect – and a great excuse to capture data, and continue a dialogue with an audience that’s already warm to your brand – more bangs for your bucks, and turning PR events into real, qualified sales opportunities.

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