What is this “ELearning” thing all about then?

And so the debate starts about the place of eLearning in society..

Actions speak stronger than words though – so if you want to see how “ELearning” can REALLY work as part of an integrated approach to educating, then get to know this project – this really is cutting edge eLearning at its most powerful.

By taking an holistic look at the required educational results, a realistic plan was drawn up that mixed traditional face to face teaching with appropriate online and digital learning tools. So the user can learn in their own time online, then go and practice their learning in “real life”, go back online and immediately see a. how their results compare to their peers (a great motivating factor for improvement, practice and progressive learning) and b. swot up on the areas where they fell short – again, improving future performances.

This project happens to relate to golf – but there is a very, very simple read across to other sports, and not that complex a read across to all sorts of learning areas that have any sort of practical element to them – even building spreadsheets, presenting reports or editing TV programmes….

This really is a “definitive” piece of eLearning work – and there is some really clever stuff in there as well – go and have a look!


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