A video driven informational / educational CD Rom which has been re-versioned on numerous occasions already for specific target markets.

Shoot some film (or use footage you’ve already got), put some interactivity around it, write some words geared to a specific target audience, channel the message to the appropriate target audience, back it up with the right mix of offline communications and you have an excellent all round communications tool for your organization.

Then re-edit the video, change the words a bit, re-direct the interactivity, change your offline approach – and you have another communications tool for a fraction of the cost of the original.

Then do it again, and again – and you can completely revitalize your communications/ training activities, at a fraction of a cost of doing it the “traditional” way. Video may be a bit more expensive to create than a piece of print the first time you use it – but the cost of print stays the same every time you want to change it and re-run it, whilst the cost of interactive video, slightly edited, augmented with different words and exercises and information, is only a marginal incremental cost.

This is what Glamorgan Cricket did with this CD Rom – and they’ve used it for over half a dozen distinctly different audiences.

You’ll be desperate to find out more about this product if;

You’re responsible for training – particularly to different groups with differing focuses.

You have a very visual “product” which needs to be shown in different ways to different audiences.

You already have some film – in VHS or digital formats – that you want to use with broader applications.

You are a sales or marketing professional who wants to show your product in an innovative way.

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