New website and complete streaming media template and protocol guidelines.

Discovery Channel Europe and Asia are a broadcaster, but their website didn’t make full use of the video assets that they had to hand – nor did a static website with little or no rich media fit in with the reality of their brand image to their audience.

CC4 developed a new website for them which reflected the dynamic nature of their programming schedule, as well as developing a template and fully comprehensive Streaming Implementation and Updating Guide, which allowed them to adapt their own televisual content for streaming on the web.

This needed to cover over a dozen different countries, offering content in 9 different languages, and these complexities all had to be worked into the Guide.

This project is a good example of how CC4 will work with clients in a consultative manner, sharing our knowledge and expertise on streamed media production, but ultimately passing this knowledge and these skills on to our clients so that they can produce their own rich media content.

This project will be of particular interest to;

Organisations who wish to control their own rich media production processes.

Those interested in acquiring digital media production skills in house.

Bodies who would make much more use of rich interactive streamed media if they control of the process.

People who are keen to explore the potential of a Broadband communications centre.

Those who already have a lot of video (VHS) and DVD in their organizations and are looking for a channel to exploit this IP.

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