We have worked with Chance to Shine for the past 5 years producing this educational website.

The concept was fairly simple – let’s use Cricket to create stimulating lessons at Key Stage 2. So when you think about it, cricket immediately lends itself to curriculum topics like Maths, History and Geography. But go into it a bit further, and it can cover all sorts of other topics as well – Biology, Nutrition, Physics, English, other Languages, Media and Communications, Commerce – the list is apparently endless, because we have great fun year on year coming up with more lessons which have cricketing themes.

Schools and kids seem to really enjoy them as well, with the number of schools signed up to the schemes and the number of downloads increasing all the time.

The engine which runs this exciting project, and the methodologies behind it, would all lend themselves to differently themed lessons, not necessarily involving sport or aimed at schools. It could well have applications for work based learning, using the organizations key operational themes as the basis for the learning pedagogics.

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