Take yourself back to your schooldays.

How were you taught the basics of Maths, English and Science? Do you remember? Was it particularly stimulating and interesting? Or do you have a vague, slightly negative, possibly even unpleasant memory of reciting times tables, verb conjugations and parts of the body by rote?

Sorry if that last bit may have reawaken some long slumbering raw nerve reactions…

What if you’d learnt to do some of these things by doing juggling tricks? Or by putting them to music? Or even creating dances which emphasized different sorts of teeth? Might that have been more fun? Do you think you may have learnt quicker, or remembered for longer?

This was the experience of many of the schools in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, as they enjoyed the fruits of the labours of the production of the Creative Curriculum project.

It won lots of awards as well, so it must have been OK… if you want an original, creative and memorable way of teaching stuff which might otherwise be considered quite dry, then talk to us – we like making learning come alive, often in quite unusual ways!

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