Rich media website which has video newsletter functionality, a quite unique use of interactive online digital media

The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) are running a 3 year project in Wales titled “Croeso” , aims to celebrate the diverse people and cultures of Wales by working with a broad range of organisations to promote understanding of language, faith, community and inclusion.

A key part of the early stages of the project was to run a series of Public Seminars, or Citizen’s Forums, throughout Wales to give everyone the opportunity to have their say. All of these meetings were filmed, as well as getting opinions from key individuals and groups down on film, to “state the arguments”. Edited versions of all of this has been included on the website, and therefore a good cross section of the population of Wales is already represented on the website. As time goes on, more opportunities to interact with the website will be created, so that this truly does become a place for people to meet, discuss, share experiences and opinions and hopefully break down many of the barriers which exist between people. Skills transference to CRE staff have kept the costs of filming digitally down to an absolute minimum.

An extremely exciting and ground breaking project, that will interest those who;

Are excited by the potential of online debate stimulated by video.

Might be interested in creating a similar, cost effective forum for their own organisations.

Are keen to explore the potential of a Broadband communications centre.

Already have a lot of video (VHS) and DVD in their organisations and are looking for a channel to exploit this IP.

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