This was a major ESF Project entitled "Web Based Multimedia" . It included a very wide range of digital multimedia applications.

The ESF Project gave us and a number of partners exciting opportunities to develop digital media applications. Some of the highlights included cutting communication costs with schools by over 800% for the FAW Trust, making Key Stage 2 subjects such as Maths, Literacy, History and Geography come alive through football and creating an HR tool kit for SME's.

Very early on in the project we realized that delivering video via the web, particularly to Objective 1 areas in Wales, was not an ideal way of reaching audiences as Broadband take up and usage in these areas at the time was not very high. This was borne out by an early piece of research where we compared usage and awareness of web based material to disc (CD Rom and DVD) based material.  So products were instead delivered by disc. As the project progressed, and Broadband became more available, more of the content was transferred for online delivery. Those experiences gave us some invaluable insights on how to match new technologies to the specific needs of contemporary audiences.

Some of the projects and partners we worked with on this project are featured elsewhere – but the experience we gained on a broader level was priceless – experience we’re now able to pass on.This project has particular relevance to;

Bodies working with a diverse network on a broad geographical basis.

Those involved with Education, Training and e learning.

People who want to cut down dramatically on printing and distribution costs.

Bodies wishing to build up or enhance  e-communications with their target audience.

Communications specialists looking for innovative and cost effective materials.

Organisations wishing to become  involved in Grant funded projects.

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